Painting on Ceramics and Paper with Expandable Sponges

This Saturday!

El Cerrito Community Center Do It Yourself Arts Fair


Printing On Textiles and Paper Goods

Printing on Textiles and Paper Goods
Workshop: 4:15pm to 5:30pm

All ages welcome. Each child under age 8 must be accompanied by an adult.
Limit 30 participants.
This design workshop will introduce participants to a simple technique for printing on fabric and paper goods. With a focus on designing a set of four napkins and matching place cards we will cut simple images out of flat sponges and use them to design colorful patterns and simple designs that will create a festive theme for your holiday table top. With the guidance of surface designer Ceci Bowman, students will have fun designing their own motif and using it to develop a unique collection

I will be teaching one of my favorite new printing  techniques using expandable sponges to create simple motifs on textiles and paper.

The sponge can be drawn on with a pencil and I can map out my ideas and plan my design.

First I made a template of a recipe card in my on my computer and then printed it out on stiff water-color paper. Perhaps just printing it out on heavy card stock at the copy store would be fine. My printer did not love the thick paper, so I will need to come up with another way. In the class we will be making small cards that can used as place cards or gift tags! I will come with paper templates ready to use.
 The fun part was using the sponges to add a a little design at the bottom! I used Dr. Ph. Martins water-color ink to get really vibrant colors. I used a tiny nib Faber-Castell water proof pen to add the details.
Fun paper products and so easy to make!

The best thing about using sponges, is they make a simple elegant, graphic image that is easy to work with and manipulate in different mediums. I love the texture that it adds!

Follow Up, Platter Design Class at Brushstrokes Studio

Design A Holiday Platter with Surface Designer Ceci Bowman

Thursday, November 17th from 6-9pm

Brushstrokes Studio

745 Page Street
Berkeley, CA 94710-1339
(510) 528-1360

Brushstrokes Studio

Complete your holiday collection with a festive ceramic platter.  Using a simple sponge technique, create a beautiful, unique platter.

Come dish with your friends, paint pottery and bring your favorite wine and some snacks to dine on.
Ceci Bowman will show you how to do it, step by step, so you can relax, have fun amd make some functional art stress free! Potluck and BYOB starts at 6pm, instruction starts at 6:30 pm sharp.

$40.00 includes instruction and price of materials.

Call Brushstrokes Studio for more information! 510-528-1360

I’m still experimenting with ideas. But I did make this set of salad plates yesterday using this technique and adding simple black brushstrokes to the final design. So Fun!

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