Start with A Funky Pattern!


Lets face it. Sometimes we all get a little stuck in a rut. When I create illustrations, I often start out drawing the same doodle of a bunch of bowls that I have been drawing for the last few years. It’s really boring. So lately I’ve been pushing myself to start with the companion pattern or palette and then come up with a lots of images that would work with them.

COLOR is the best place to start! I love! If I stumped with where to start, I just go to this website and browse palettes and patterns. I download the palettes and then start mixing things up. Then I apply the same palette to several different patterns. This is the fun part.



The patterns inspire me to go on and add images from my library of paper cuts and doodles.With the stripes and checks, I thought of it would be fun to mix it up with babies

I tend favor vibrant fun palettes over the traditional pastels that are so often found with baby stuff. I find pale blue, pink and yellow pretty boring. These colors and patterns would also be fun with hip birthday and holiday greetings.I could  also throw in kitchen utensils, or birthday images. These patterns could work with lots of themes. They could also be fun just on their own!


I doodled these flowers in my sketchbook with a Sharpie marker. I like how  this pattern works  with the simple retro bride. I’m still experimenting with text and colors.

It could be that my idea of  bridal colors would not work for most of  the rest of the world. Colors are easy enough to change. I  tried a new pink, purple and green

I had one more combination to try out. I took a paper cut illustration that I made and worked with the funky flower repeat. It came out as a holiday card, but now that I look at it again it might work better as a birthday card.
It’s a start!

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