Hand Painting Ceramics for a Holiday Craft Sale

Every year I participate in a Holiday Gift Sale at the Ames Gallery in Berkeley.

I do the sale with a group of 5 other artists. Check out our Ames Design Group Blog

This  year I am doing 4 separate themed collections.

My clothing illustrations were first inspired by this Macy’s advertisement that showed a grid of clothes.

Inspiration for Clothing Wrap

From this image I made a series of cards and designed a collection of note books and journals.

The next month will be spent producing these paper based items for the sale.

And then I made a collection of plates and bowls all based on this clothing grid design. Each plate is a different color and has a different piece of clothing drawn on it.

I especially like the set devoted to bras and underwear!

My next collection was inspired by a trip to the farmers market.

Berkeley is full of lush vegetables and gardens. I did my best to keep a very sketchy quality in the drawings. I use a ceramic glaze pencil to do the original sketch on the plate

I added rich color  and blended the lines. I think the final products are a variation from my usual  graphic style.

I do all my designs on bisqueware which  I purchase. It is glazed and fired at Brushstrokes Studio in Berkeley, California.

Now my favorite collection this year is my baseball collection. Inspired by my three boys and all the baseball that they play and I watch.
There is such a great look and style to baseball players. I occupy the time watching them play by making quick sketches.
Here is the first set of bowls I did for the sale.
Here I am sketching them out.
Last but not least, I am working on a collection of musician plates.
I loved sketching the instruments. I tried to leave it each drawing with the original sketchy, water color look.
Unfortunately I don’t have the finished glazed musician plates.
But here they all are in there pre fired state.
Hopefully I will be able to pull together a whole line of cards and wrap with various musical instruments.
Stay tuned for the finished product. And let me know what you think.

One thought on “Hand Painting Ceramics for a Holiday Craft Sale

  1. This is a really creative project! Thanks so much for taking part in our blog hop. We wanted to let you know that we’re doing a special FC newsletter issue on 11/24 recapping the blog hop, including the projects used. We look forward to your project next month!


    Blair, editor at FaveCrafts.com

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