Baseball and more baseball…

This time of year  all I really do every weekend is go from one baseball game to another. Three boys, three separate teams, three different games almost every Saturday and Sunday. I love it as long as it’s sunny and warm. It gets me away from the computer and chores. So I sit and I watch and I draw in my book. But it’s time to make some baseball art.

The question is what type of art? Baseball wrapping paper? Baseball birthday cards?  Possibly baseball scrapbook kits? Baseball file folders? Baseball cupcake toppers and party stuff? I’ll work on it.

I’m inspired by this great vintage book that I found…The book was written by Benjamin Brewster and the pictures are by Jeanne Bendick. It has great black and white drawings, illustrating the basics of baseball. I love the diagram of the baseball diamond.

I’ve been drawing all season, and I finally scanned some sketches and played with them. Here is the first in a series of baseball designs.

I’m planning on making a whole line of baseball mugs and plates for the Holidays this year. They will make great gifts for coaches!

Here is the first go at a repeat design.


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